How Wave Power Works

“This’ll be a piece of cake,” you think to yourself as you take a surfboard out for the first time. But after a­bout the tenth wipeout, you begin to see bruises and realize just how unruly and powerful ocean is. Indeed, surfing fatalities remind us how aggressive these can be.


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Why Wave Power?

It has the potential to be one of the most environmentally benign forms of electricity generation. It is a clean and renewable source and waves are generated over large areas of ocean and, once generated, travel immense distances with only small losses.

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Global Energy Resource

It is a renewable energy resource created by large storms hundreds of kilometres offshore that generate and transmit huge amounts of energy which travels great distances (via swell) and mixes with local influences (seas) to arrive at our shores.

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This POWER is the most predictable and dependable form of renewable energy.


one direction to create electricity


We live in an ever-changing world…

Our Vision has been built around implementing and adapting to these changes, with new systems and equipment that compliment the ever-changing needs of our customers.

This Water Works resource is a leading company in the energy industry. Headquartered in Michigan, United States and with abundant natural resources on our doorstep, we have taken an honest and pragmatic approach to creating smart power solutions.

Our technology is clean and deliverable, made possible by our innovative team and a rigorous approach to harvesting the potential of power.

This Water Works resource has grown due to our applied combination of technology that works, diligence, and real expertise – all in the pursuit of practical, affordable resource.

We continue to attract utilities who are searching for technical partners; investors who recognize good business opportunities; and people, whose knowledge and commitment make the apparently impossible, possible….every day.

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