Characteristic Capital Expenditure

Maximum Generator Output 1 KW per unit
Maximum Generator Torque is 44,200 foot lbs.
We used a 50% conversion efficiency
Maximal Power take off reaction is 88,400 foot lbs.

The Oscillo Drive will be produced in Stainless Steel, in the described size of 4X5X10

The barge with the 16 Oscillo Drives each included all components, control arms, stiffeners, electronics and floats.

The Oscillo Drive can be a Scalable Single Unit that fits in the palm of your hand or built to full scale as large as a building or more that is Energy-Farm-Level with hundreds of units. It is Durable: Wear Resistant, Corrosion Resistant with No springs or Levers and Can be used in Water Reservoirs/ plug and play into existing systems for water storage without fossil fuels, or on a barge/ low profile 1/2 mile out beyond the of line of sight. It can be used on a peer/ a single unit providing power for lights or other requirements.

U.S. Patented Wave Energy Converter Will Change the World