Provide a description of the critical load cases and operational circumstances that are to be
considered in the context of WEC device and farm survival.
Description must include:
• Critical survival load cases
• Critical survival circumstances and strategies
• Design and/or operational measures taken to ensure device and farm survival
• WEC technology in survival condition system configuration with reference to previous drawing
When providing a thorough response to the above required information, consider the following aspects:
• Observability of critical load cases of circumstances
• Loading on the device and mooring during extreme sea conditions (25/50/100 year storms)
including structural stress, fatigue, and wear. • Fail-safe design consideration
• Any inherent system properties that provide differing fluid-primary system interaction in
different sea conditions with benefit for energy absorption in extreme and survival conditions • Passive or active fast (wave time frame) or slow (sea state time frame) control
• Inherent system dynamics and wave-system interaction properties supporting survivability