Michigan is showing off our STEM chops! For those who don’t know, the acronym stands for Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics. Yes, there is still people who don’t know, which is why we need the Toyota 4-D Engineering Center, part of the Michigan Science Center, where students can see and speak with engineers.

Children will be what they see and what they see looks like fun when there is movement, bursts of air, mists of water, and safe pyrotechnics.

Our state’s progression regarding women in STEM fields has also grown. Slowly, people are coming to realize that women have been unsung heroes of STEM. Working with Wave Water Works LLC, researching and marketing the Oscillo Drive, some of our most driven team mates have been women.

Our entire team is wonderfully diverse, which adds depth to all our processes. Indeed, one of our engineers, Carla, has been a Robotics coach for years. She started with Lego Robotics and now works with a teenage Robotics team in Clarkston. She and her husband still help the younger teams develop so that everyone has a chance to learn valuable skills. At science centers, schools, and Wave Water Works LLC, we are making STEM visible, accessible, and open to everyone.