Marshall Muller

Marshall’s commitment to the world is that all people have access to solar energy. To achieve that goal, he started his own company working on low cost industrial coatings with a technology which was developed by himself and a team of dedicated staff. The first application is dedicated for use in solar applications. The process has already demonstrated large area coatings of CdS, CdTe, and a-SiOx.

Prior to starting Solargystics, Marshall was one of several research scientists personally working for Stan Ovshinsky of Energy Conversion Devices. Currently he has 7 patents in the area of nickel metal hydride batteries and latest is a patent on nanoparticulate foams for hydrogen storage.

As COO he is currently designing for manufacturing, a plasma system to deposit materials onto substrates for the coatings industry. These coatings have been demonstrated in corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and electronic applications. OI has specific expertise in microwave and rf plasma coating systems.

– Project management and planning for startup solar manufacturing firm.
– Technical and process expert for disruptive technology transfer.
– Developed technical and forecasting background for company business plan.
– Directed development of technology to create large area solar cells with uniform efficiency.
– Raised $2 Million for development of prototype production line.