Wave Energy Farm

Series of Barges
Key Dimensions
Barge: are 40 X50 length each
Float: 1000 1b displacement
Control Arm: 15 ft. Maximum Capacity
Oscillo Drive is 4 inches by 5 inches by 10 inches (20 lbs mass)

Overall Operating Principles

In our Wave Energy Farm, we take advantage of the wave motions from up and down movement through a float which will drive a reciprocating arm. The reciprocating motion is converted into a unidirectional rotational motion by our WEC device the Oscillo Drive (i.e. driving a drive shaft. ) The drive shaft drives a DC generator, the DC generator goes into an inverter. The inverter will go to a central power node where all the different barges contribute and the collected power is transferred to shore via an underwater cable.

In our example we use Five (5) Barges which are to be moved into an orientation to maximize exposure to the wave front (about 30 feet apart). All barges are staggered. As our designs are scalable we could just as easily use one, six, ten or more barges with variations of the WEC (the Oscillo Drive) device size, and/or variations in float size and displacement.

Our floats are conical shaped and the precise shape is yet to be determined. Ideally the shape will rise and fall in a seamless, balanced manner.

The bow of each of the barges is pointed into the wave so that the direction of the wave is from front to back, and are made to stay in place using sea anchors which can be uncoupled as needed (For example if it becomes necessary to move the barges due to weather or any other consideration).

The control arms of the floats are retractable so as to be able to lift and contract for maintenance or for inclement (tidal forces) weather, or other circumstance.

The interconnection will be by transmission cables between barges. The termination barge will have an underwater cable running to shore.

The platform is above the level of the sea level that will give us more access to the waves, taking advantage to the vertical motion.