OU INC client Wave Water Works, LLC has a patented Oscillo Drive that converts the up and down movement of wave water into reusable energy and electricity. The company recently leveraged the strong relationship between OU INC and Oakland University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) to successfully test their Oscillo Drive technology, verifying the device’s production and output of energy and electricity.

Wave Water Works utilized talented students through the school’s senior design course. This requirement for OU senior-level engineering students brings together mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering students to work on real-world projects that demand the skills and knowledge of each of their disciplines. A State of Michigan Business Accelerator Fund award allowed for OU INC to partially fund the effort.

Based on the results obtained by the students, Wave Water Works approved an undisclosed operational testing site for the Oscillo Drive in Port Huron, Michigan. This extension of the OU SECS testing will allow for further measurement and monitoring of the power input and electrical output from the wave-water oscillating movements. Wave Water Works is additionally locating multiple working sites, including locations in Macomb County, Israel, and Lebanon.

“It is estimated that OU INC, through the professional efforts of SECS students and faculty, provided Wave Water Works with more than $1.5M worth of professional engineering services,” said Chuck Keys, project director and business manager of Wave Water Works.

Completing hardware and software research and development (R&D) for this startup green-energy company includes the following faculty and students:

  • Michael Latcha, Ph.D., ME, director, SECS Senior Design Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Daniel Aloi, Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering

Oakland University Senior Engineering Students:

  • Tia Sherrard, Electrical Engineering, Team Manager
  • Carla Gerst, Electrical Engineering
  • Makayla Eckardt, Computer Engineering
  • Mark Tarnicki, Electrical Engineering
  • Brent Stelzer, Electrical Engineering
  • William Carter, Mechanical Engineering
  • Edwin McBride, Mechanical Engineering
  • Paul Smyrski, Mechanical Engineering

Contact Chuck Keys, Project Director/Business Manager at 248-231-5205, Chuck@Keys2Business.com for further information.