As the U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico struggle against what is proving to be a clean-up of epic proportions following the recent massive hurricanes, one local business thinks they might have a solution to speed up the process.

But even after working with government officials to try and contact the islands, Chuck Keys, project director and business manager for Wave Water Works, said he’s hit a wall in communication.

He’s currently in search of anyone who might have a way to contact the local governments of Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands in hopes of bringing electricity back to the islands quickly.

Wave Water Works is in the end-stages of development for its patented Oscillo Drive, which creates clean, electrical energy from the motion of the waves. At 90 percent efficiency, just a handful of devices would be able to capture enough wave energy to power an entire hospital, Keys said.

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It wouldn’t be a permanent solution for the islands, but Keys said that for him, to sit back and ignore the potential impact the device would have there would be a social crime.

“Every day you listen to the news and see these people without power, it just can’t be pleasent with how humid it is, without drinking water … We can help in a small area, but it’s everyone coming together that will make a difference,” Keys said.

Keys has been in contact with Sen. Gary Peters’ office to try and reach the islands as well as with Federal Emergency Management Agency and a law-firm out of Washington, but said he’s still coming short on reaching the right contacts to bring the device down there, a process which would take about a month or less to complete the set-up.

“I’m hoping someone will read this and say ‘I know so-and-so in that office, let me send this to them,’ because that’s how things are done in the small and medium business world. It’s a human network,” Keys said.

If you have information or a way to contact the appropriate officials in the U.S Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, Chuck Keys can be reached at chuck.keys@wavewaterworks.com or by phone at 248-231-5205.