Wave Water Works Looks to Revolutionize Energy Industry

A company housed at the Oakland University Smartzone Business Incubator is receiving international attention for an invention which could potentially revolutionize clean energy throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond. Wave Water Works LLC, founded by inventor and long-time engineer Phil Padula, is in the testing phases for its patented Oscillo Drive which creates clean,…


Wave Water Works Teams with OU Inc.

OU INC client Wave Water Works, LLC has a patented Oscillo Drive that converts the up and down movement of wave water into reusable energy and electricity. The company recently leveraged the strong relationship between OU INC and Oakland University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) to successfully test their Oscillo Drive technology, verifying…


Michigan is Showing Off Our STEM Chops!

Michigan is showing off our STEM chops! For those who don’t know, the acronym stands for Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics. Yes, there is still people who don’t know, which is why we need the Toyota 4-D Engineering Center, part of the Michigan Science Center, where students can see and speak with engineers. Children will…


Wave Water Works LLC & Energy Innovation

Scientists, teachers, politicians, and students are concerned because current leaders speak of Science as a hoax!! The United States plans to pull out of the Paris Global Climate Agreement in 2020. Past administrations supported and encouraged energy innovation, which added new jobs and increased our nation’s value. That seems unlikely in the current climate, but,…