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U.S. Patented Wave Energy Converter Will Change the World

Phil Padula (of Farmington Hills, MI) Business leader, scientist and visionary has invented a new patented wave energy converter (WEC). New Wave Energy Device, has the potential to change everything in Global Energy Crisis.The patented WEC, aptly named the Ocillo, captures and stores or transports electrical energy from waves produced in oceans, seas and other bodies of water.

There is a long history of scientists and visionaries looking to capture this illusionary, with the first patent for wave energy devices being granted over 2 centuries ago. Since then the issues of adequately capturing/producing energy from waves has eluded scientists, at least on a large (commercial scale).

Phil Padula has solved these obstacles. The patented Ocillo is one-directional heavy duty wave energy converter that captures energy with waves (as small as 6 in) moving up or down and can work continuously, creating a free and inexhaustible energy supply.

The parent companies, lead by Phil Padula, Vicount Industries, Inc. and Midwest Thermal Spray, Inc. both of Farmington Hills, MI are leaders of industry in the areas of manufacturing and metallizing and are well poised to build commercial sized Ocillo devices for governments, major businesses and energy companies to suit various applications. Wave Water Works is pursuing small to large scale pilot applications throughout the U.S. and overseas, and is accepting proposals on how this new patented device can work in various water and non water regions.

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Field of the Invention: The present invention relates to a device for capturing wave and/or tidal energy.

Description of Related Art: In view of the increasing cost of organic fuels, such as coal and oil, there has been a recent trend to harness energy for the 1 o generation of power from previously unharnessed or only marginally harnessed power sources. For example, wind turbines for generating electrical power from wind currents have enjoyed increased popularity.

A still further source of previously unharnessed energy is 15 the energy generated and consumed from the movement of water levels in water bodies. For example, there are previously known devices for harnessing the energy occurring through the movement of ocean tides.

While the energy stored in the movement of water due to 20 tidal variations is indeed large, the equipment necessary to harness that energy for the production of electrical power has proven to be costly not only to construct but also to maintain. Furthermore, the movement of the water between high tide and low tide occurs only once per day on the average so that 25 the energy in tidal water can only be harvested once per day, i.e. when the tide moves from high tide to low tide. Because of these limitations, devices to harness energy from tidal movement of the oceans have not proven cost effective.

A still further type of natural energy that has been previously unharnessed, or only minimally so, is the energy in the changing water levels in a water body due to waves in the water body. Such waves are typically caused by wind and vary in both magnitude and frequency as a function of the available wind power. However, when waves are present, the waves rise 35 and fall much more rapidly than the movement of water level due to tidal effects.

Previously, there have been no machines or devices which have effectively harnessed the energy from waves in a water body.