EJ Joier

Sr. Product Developer EJ Joier is responsible for gathering and prioritizing product requirements, and interacting with customers to understand their needs.

He works closely with engineering, design, project management and product marketing to execute on their design plans for great energy applications. He defines and tracks the key business and usage analytics data to measure success.

He manages the product requirements and deliverables from planning to tactical activities including gathering inputs from customers and working closely with development and functional architects. He prioritizes requirements based on an overall product roadmap and internal and external business drivers.

He participates in customer-facing aspects of product launch, refresh and end-of-life (EOL) programs. He participates in development of Sales and Marketing collateral including whitepapers and messaging documents, presentations and product demonstrations. He has keen understanding of enterprise software market, with IT as it relates to the Environmental and Energy Sectors as the target customer.

EJ has experience with market analysis and competitive analysis and defining product requirements; as well as experience working with R&D teams and an understanding of the Wave Water Works, Inc. development process. EJ Joier communicates at varying levels of technical detail with customers, partners, marketing, sales, support, services and R&D, in one-on-one and group situations.