Chuck Keys

Chuck Keys is a mission-focused, dedicated, and innovative Executive Director that build on the accomplishments of Wave Water Works, Inc. to date and expands its contributions to the global knowledge base of wave energy technology and its commitment to bring it to the next level of financial, programmatic, and organizational success.

His primary role is to lead the organization by:

– Guiding the leadership team in achieving its mission, ensuring its programs build on accomplishments to date and further strengthen the quality, relevance, and profile of the organization.
– Recommending to and assists the Board in developing overall objectives, strategies, and programs to achieve the organizational goals of the Corporation, and oversees the implementation of all adopted policies, programs, plans, and procedures.
– Ensuring the preparation of annual plans and budgets for review and adoption by the Board of Directors and is responsible for overseeing staff and ensuring that the approved work program is carried out, pursuant to the adopted budget.
– Working with the Development Director to fundraise for the implementation of the Management Plan and significantly increase financial support for the Corporation’s science, public access, and restoration programs from individual, institutional, agency, and corporate supporters.
– Representing the organization externally, making public presentations as required and engaging in and overseeing communications with members of and contributors to the Company, the general public, media, governmental agencies, and representatives of groups interested in environmental issues.
– Raising the profile of the Company within the national and global market place and conservation communities, garnering recognition for its valuable and unique assets and programs.