Wave Water Works Looks to Revolutionize Energy Industry

A company housed at the Oakland University Smartzone Business Incubator is receiving international attention for an invention which could potentially revolutionize clean energy throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond. Wave Water Works LLC, founded by inventor and long-time engineer Phil Padula, is in the testing phases for its patented Oscillo Drive which creates clean,…


Source of Sustainable Power

Dams have been around for a century now. Beavers have used them, although not for energy and now humans employ themĀ as source for that ingredient in survival: power. Hydroelectricity Hydropower generates hydroelectricity. It produces power with the help of gravity. It is the most common alternate source of energy. After the dam (called the hydroelectric…

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Sources

How important are alternative energy sources? People most commonly get the energy to power many types of equipment and things through the kinds which can be acquired from natural resources. And what are these? What will first come to mind when subjected to such a question will be the likes of petroleum, electricity and coal.…

Sustainable Power

Life Without Sustainable Power

What happens when the oil prices and production costs get too high? What if our fossil fuel supply runs out? What will happen then? Actually, to fully appreciate sustainable power, these aren’t the only questions we should ask. Perhaps we should inquire: Where does 20% of our electricity supply come from? How are far off…

Find Renewable Energy

How Do You Find Renewable Energy?

We already know that the use of electricity, gas and coal are all resources that we may eventually run out of. These are the non-renewable resources that we rely heavily on today. We use these non-renewable resources to do many things, including supplying us with power, heating our homes, businesses and schools and more. When…