Wave Water Works Teams with OU Inc.

OU INC client Wave Water Works, LLC has a patented Oscillo Drive that converts the up and down movement of wave water into reusable energy and electricity. The company recently leveraged the strong relationship between OU INC and Oakland University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) to successfully test their Oscillo Drive technology, verifying…


Michigan is Showing Off Our STEM Chops!

Michigan is showing off our STEM chops! For those who don’t know, the acronym stands for Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics. Yes, there is still people who don’t know, which is why we need the Toyota 4-D Engineering Center, part of the Michigan Science Center, where students can see and speak with engineers. Children will…


Wave Water Works LLC & Energy Innovation

Scientists, teachers, politicians, and students are concerned because current leaders speak of Science as a hoax!! The United States plans to pull out of the Paris Global Climate Agreement in 2020. Past administrations supported and encouraged energy innovation, which added new jobs and increased our nation’s value. That seems unlikely in the current climate, but,…


Chicago and Portland Join in U.S. Clean Energy Revolution

With more good news for the clean energy revolution, Chicago and Portland are joining an ever growing list of cities and towns in the United States that have committed to changing over to renewable energy. The two cities join a list of over 25 cities, including East Hampton, New York; Georgetown, Texas and San Francisco…


Clean Energy Is Seeing Monumental Job Growth

ARPA-E (the Energy Department research arm) and EERE (the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office at DOE) are two signature scientific research programs that have been the tip of the spear for innovation in a brand new jobs sector. The reason why these two DOE offices are expected to be targets in the federal budget…


Wind Energy Takes Flight In The Heart Of Texas Oil Country

Georgetown, Texas, is a conservative town in a conservative state. So it may come as something of a surprise that it’s one of the first cities in America to be entirely powered by renewable energy. Mayor Dale Ross, a staunch Republican who attended President Trump’s inauguration, says that decision came down to a love of…

wave power challenges

Challenges to Wave Power

What are the challenges to Wave Power? According to most experts, Wave Power could solve the power issues for the world by supplying it with 1/3 of its power requirements. Even still there are hurdles to be overcome if the U.S. is to align with this estimate and commit to Wave Power. Although wave-generated power…

wave energy technology

America’s First Wave-Produced Energy

The waters of Hawaii are beautiful with powerful waves replete with power. What better place for the U.S. military to explore the possibilities of wave power? The U.S. investment of $300 million is far short of the world’s leading countries investing in wave and tidal power, but few places are as ideal as this for…

dte energy

Energy Reliability at Detroit Schools

Education in Detroit just got a boost from DTE Energy Company with energy saving technology being installed in a number of buildings. The implications for these and upcoming installations are great as schools are vulnerable to outages and unreliability during peak use times. DTE continues to explore where it makes sense to adapt renewable energy…